Your Job and Your Credit

How Credit Affects Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for a job? Did you know that your job search could be impacted by your credit report? Many companies check job applicants’ credit as part of the background check while others only look at credit reports to protect themselves against actions that violate ethical standards or criminal behavior.

Your credit score can play a very real role in whether or not you get your dream job. This is especially true if the job in question works with money in a bank, or in another finance related field.

The bottom line is that employers want to have confidence in their employees, and an individual’s personal record with money can ultimately help or harm their chances of landing the job they want.

What you can do to be prepared

When your information is requested, credit bureaus will send over a variation of your credit report meant specifically for employers. Before you start your job search get a copy of your credit report. Find out what is on it so you’re not blindsided by an inaccurate item that you don’t know about until an interviewer asks.

Good credit can indicate a level of responsibility that’s desirable in employees. It can also give employers an idea of whether they can trust an employee around money.

If you find mistakes on your credit report we can help you get them removed. We will not only help you fix errors we will help you improve your score. By getting your credit score back on track you can not only increase your chances of getting the job you want, you can also get your financial life back on track.