How Knowing Your Credit Score can Save you Thousands of Dollars

Have you been turned down for a home loan, a car loan, a credit card, business loan, have you ever had to put deposits down on a cell phone, or a larger down payment on purchase?  Did you know that your credit score affects your car insurance premiums? How about where you live, or even getting a job.

Look at this chart below we have Jack vs Brad: Over a period of only 15 years Jack Owns a $200,000 home, and saved $22,260 on a car loan and car insurance! Brad can’t finance a home so wastes money on rent, he has paid $22,260 more for his car and car insurance over 15 years he has lost $281,260! Bad credit is costly!

Wow credit affects so much of our lives but most Americans don’t understand how it really works. I mean really how many classes in school did you take on reading a credit report? The Do’s and don’ts of having a high credit score? The answer is probably none; I know that I didn’t know that any of this stuff was affecting me until I dove into this business back in 2007.