Build Business Credit

What is Business Credit? It’s your business’s credit profile not the owners. The business credit is reported to Dun & brad street, Experian and Equifax  business. As a business its crucial to have good business credit and its easy to do and establish $50,000 in business credit or more, I know I have done it.

We recommend , there certified business coaches and funding advisors and helped thousands of business’s and funded millions to business’s.

  • Our certified coaches walk you through the process of insuring your business is in compliant with commercial lending guidelines and then help you setup your business credit files with all key agencies. We are the only company in the industry that has a partnership and with all three business credit bureaus.
  • Once you are in compliance, we immediately assist you to apply for the first round of business financing. We will personally introduce you to our network of business lenders, which means we can get you commercial lending opportunities faster than any other firm.
  • We help you over a 12 month period to grow and achieve a solid credit file that will bring you the greatest funding opportunities. We can do this because we have at the largest database of credit providing business that will report your trade credit to D&B and other key agencies; no one else has this database.
  • Our Commercial Funding Advisors identify lending opportunities for you and actually facilitate applications for your business.
  • We are the only company that has seamlessly integrated both Business Credit Development and Commercial Funding Services.